Цена без НДС
214 990 610 KZT
450 000 EUR
Цена без НДС
214 990 610 KZT
450 000 EUR


КатегорияБуровая установка
Марка / модельPRIDE APR-100
Год выпуска2023
ОсобенностиНовый / без наработки
МестоположениеKostsnay, Костанайская область
Mascus ID2424E6EA


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Цена без НДС214 990 610 KZT  (450 000 EUR)
НалогиЦена не включает НДС
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Engine ManufacturerYAMZ
Габариты (ДхШхВ)14400 3200 4300 м
Страна производстваКазахстан
Дополнительная информацияAPR 40 (60); APR 60(80);APR 100
The APR- is designed for major repairs of oil and gas wells, drilling operations. The rig is designed to work in different climatic conditions, at temperature conditions from minus 45 C to plus 40 C.
Operations performed:
- Movement from well to well
- Installation;dismantling of equipment at the wellhead
- Lifting operations with pumping rods
- Mechanized screwing and debunking of the pump-compressor and drill pipe columns
- Drilling of sand plugs, cement bridges, etc.
- Fishing and other types of work
- Development of wells after completion of drilling operations
- Carrying out geophysical works
The lifting unit is mounted on the KrAZ- chassis. The YAMZ-238DE2 chassis undercarriage engine is used to drive the attachments. A drilling winch with transmissions, a mast with a height of 22.6 m, an auxiliary winch with a lifting capacity of 3 tons, an emergency drive that allows to complete the lifting operations and dismantle the unit, working and emergency lighting are mounted on the lifting unit. The rig is equipped with a hydraulic fastener, a manifold, a swivel, a hydraulic-driven drilling rotor, a wellhead platform, and drilling parameter monitoring devices.
Max. drilling depth, 1000;1500 m;3000m
Drilling diameter, m 0.36; 0.50; 0.63; 0.8
Permissible load on the hook without installing guy rods on the ground at a wind speed of not more than 15 m; s, kN (tf) 392 (40); 785 (80)
Permissible load on the hook, kN (tf) 490 (50)
- type of diesel engine YaMZ-238-01
- installed power, kW (hp) 243 (330)
Swivel: - static loading capacity, kN (hardware), not less785 (80)
- bore diameter, mm75
- working fluid pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2), not more than24.5 (250)
- rotation frequency, s-1 (rpm), no more
5 (300) Drilling Rotor: Hydralitic/ Mechanical
- maximum torque on the table, kN × m (kgf × m) 9.81 (1000)
- rotation frequency, s-1 (rpm) 0.83 (50) –5 (300)
- static loading capacity, kN (hardware), not less785 (80)
- dimensions of the liner under the lead pipe, mm 80 x 80
Lifting bloc
Permissible load on the hook without rig of guy ropes on the ground at a wind speed of no more than 15 m/s
Transport base:KrAZ/TRAILER, wheel formula 6x6
Drive mechanisms:Chassis running engine- type of diesel engine YAMZ
- type single drum with two disc pneumatic friction clutches
- number of winch drive speeds, 8 pcs
- maximum traction force, 167 (17) kN (ts)
- brake two-tape (with pads 230 x 120)
- lifting speed of the lifting block, 0.015 - 1.5m/s *
Tower: two-section, telescopic, inclined
- height from ground level to the crown block axis, 22,6± 0,2 m
- hook lifting height, 18,5± 0,2 m
- distance from the hoist block axis to the end of the frame of the unit, 1225±10 mm
to the axis of the outriggers
- length of drill pipes, 13,18 m
Hoisting system:
- multiplicity of the polyspast
- the diameter of the hoist rope, 25 mm
- type of pumps axial piston
- number of pumps, 2 pcs
- nominal pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2), no more 19.6(200)
- nominal flow, 6168´10-6 (370) m3/s, (l/min)
Pneumatic system:
powered by the chassis pneumatic system
- working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2), no more 0,68 (7)
Loosener of threaded connections:
- maximum pulling force, kN (ts)
- stroke of the rod, mm
54 (5,5)
Auxiliary hydraulic winch:
- permissible load on the hook, 29,4 (3) kN (ts)
- rope diameter, 13.5 mm
Set of slings
- total permissible load, 785 (80)kN (ts)
Mast and workplace lighting
- operational, emergency 24 V
Riser for drilling mud supply:
- diameter of the through hole, mm
- pressure of the working fluid, MPa (kgf/cm2), no more 19,6 (200)
with quick-release connections Ø 50 or 75
Drilling Sleeve Ø 50 or 75 mm, Rrab - 19.6 MPa
- length, m 12±0,2
Overall dimensions in the transport position, mm,
no more: L*W*H 14400*3200*4300
Weight in the transport position, kg, no more 32000 kg
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