Запрошенный лесовозный прицеп ECCO-TRAILER 3 Achsel STEPFRAME turntable, fully e продан!
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КатегорияПрицепы Лесовозы
Марка / модельECCO-TRAILER 3 Achsel STEPFRAME turntable, fully e
Год выпуска2018
ОсобенностиНовый / без наработки
Уровень состояния оборудования (1 - 5)5
Масса30 000 кг
Тип подрессориванияВоздушная-воздушная
Гарантия36 moths
Страна производстваГермания
Дополнительная информация3 axel turntable trailer, STEPFRAME + twin wheeler
Frame length (as customer need): 6 000 – 9 000 mm (+ drawbar)
Drawbar length: 1 450 mm (+ 6 x 100 mm mech. extension)
Drawbar eye: 50 mm
Drawbar eye height: 600 mm (or as customer need)
Frame height over ground (loaded):1 050 mm (front upper part by 19.5” tire)
Frame height over ground (loaded): 950 mm (lower rear part by 19.5” tire)
Frame height over ground (loaded):1 150 mm (front upper part by 22.5” tire)
Frame height over ground (loaded):1 050 mm (lower rear part by 22.5” tire)
Frame spreading at double wheeler: 980 mm
Technical gross weight: 30 000 kgs (max. pos. 36 000 kgs)
Empty weight with full fully equipped: 4 990 kgs
• frame full welding construction, high quality STRENX S700MC (DIN EN 10149-2)
(STEPFRAME, give a low gravity center for a very save driving)
• frame spreading at double wheeler: 980 mm
• 3 x 10.0 to SAF axles (off road model with certificate)
• air suspension
• 12 x steel rims, 22.5”, 10 holes (or 19.5”)
• 12 x premium tyres 275/70R22,5 M+S (or 265/70R19.5 M+S)
• BPW Off road turntable bearing
• BPW Y mech. extendable drawbar (or other premium mode)
• side protection in compliance with ECE
• VBG rear bumber (free foldable)
• drum brake
• autom. park brake on 2 axles
• 24 V in compliance with ECE and ADR regulations
• 2x7 (or 1x15) pin + EBS with connecting cables
• all steel parts are shot blasted before painting
• chassis KTL powder coating (RAL at customer requirements)
• 2 wheel wedges with holder
• 6 x ½ round solid mudguards, rear mudguards with splash guards
Standard equipment:
1. protections plate between frame in steel, alu, plastic or play wood
2. “self-cleaning” frame design with less corners, against dirt and freeze
3. axel no. 2 with lift function (off road lift)
4. protection rope on each axle
5. steel protection for lamps + valves
6. front cross beam one steel grab hook
7. full LED lights + reversing and fog lamps
8. 4 x extra LED work lights
9. rear steel bumper in compliance with ECE. (height-adjustable)
10. heavy rescue hooks at all 4 corners
11. 4 x ECCO COMBI 7, steel frame with aluminium stakes (free loading height: 2 700 – 3 100 mm)
12. rear bunk with red LED positions lamps on top
13. 2 protections bunks
14. 2 air operate load chain tensioner incl. quick locks, chains and parts
The product get all necessary statements, brake certificate, etc.
Warranty, Axels SAF or BPW : 36 months without km limit, Trailer at all: 36 months without km limit, Frame: 60 months against frame crack or break.
Price depend on equipment : POR:
(of course, we deliver our ECCO trailers also without equipment, for example, if the customer would like to use equipment from other manufacturers)
ECCO - TRAILER are well prepared for all competitor products/ bunks. (NOTE: all picture show customized trailer’s)

If you have any question feel free to contact me any time, language: English, German & Estonian.
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